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Kanmaru174 has started a donation pool!
614 / 10,000
What should i say...? I'm not very good, i can't do the shading very well but if you like my works....thank you very much
Edit: I'm going to open points commission soon, what do you think? If you want one please contact me :D

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Semi real practice by Kanmaru174
Semi real practice
Practice doing semi realistic beside painting, so hard me die o)-(
Sorry for butchering your son Miki o)-(
Tantalus is belong to :iconmikitakamoto: and Chess project
AmNguyet by Kanmaru174
Hi guys i'm back, it's been a long time. I'm still alive, just that i've been busy lately so i didnt draw much. I have to close my commission 'cause the 4th year of university has been started

My Oc Am Nguyet
Pls don't take my work without my permission
And thanks MikiTakamoto  for teaching me some painting methods. This's just my 2nd time doing painting, not very good but it turns out better than i hope
Hello everyone, how are you guys on the New Year Eve? All good?

I finally come back after my final exam, only have one more test so i'm kinda free right now and i've decided to open points commission to buy a 3 month premium membership, almost get it \^O^/.
I only do headshot and half body \^O^/

_ 35 points per headshot drawing with pencil (A5 paper), no shading.
+ It will be 50 points with pencil shading.
+ It will be 70 points if you want the picture to have line and colour digitally ('cause the money for scanning pictures is kinda....expensive TTvTT)
+ It will be 90 points if you want your picture coloured in painting style.

Some examples: :Commission: Nightmare for ScatMan95 by Kanmaru174  :AT: Yoru by Kanmaru174

_55 points per half body drawing with pencil (A5 paper), no shading.
+ It will be 70 points with pencil shading
+ It will be 90 points for digital lining and colouring.
+ It will be 110 points if you want your picture coloured in painting style.

Some examples: Muahahahaha~ecchi series by Kanmaru174 The idiots strike again by Kanmaru174

And this is a example for my currently colouring style: :VIE: Akiha by Kanmaru174

Painting style: :VIE: Burry quest by Kanmaru174

And please kindly sent me the points first :iconhappyhappyplz:

Happy New Year!!! \^O^/


Derpy Kan
Hello, it's nice to meet you all ^^/
Just a derp with derpy art works, thanks for stopping by and noticing me, senpais 8D Hope you like my works.

My old username is Kokuseiya-Kanna
I've made an rp account for more convenient use:iconkokuseiyakanna-rp:
My pixiv:…
My tumblr is also Kanmaru174

Socialist Republic of Vietnam by Flag-Stamps

Vietnamese Language Level: Expert by xKayychuu BT EN Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-design Italian Language Level: Intermediate by iFellDownARabbitHole

:iconpointcommissionsask: :iconrequestfriendsonly: :icongiftsfriendsonly:

My plz account for V-island explorer
:iconakiha-vieplz: :iconakimitsuplz: :iconk-akihaplz: :iconk-akimitsuplz:

Icons i stole~


(≖◞౪◟≖‵) (́一◞౪◟一‵) ლ(́ಢ.◞౪◟ಢ‵ლ) (́˙◞౪◟。‵ ) (́◎◞౪◟◎‵ ) (́◕◞౪◟◕‵ ) (́◉◞౪◟◉‵) ( ^ิ౪^ิ) (◞≼●≽◟◞౪◟◞≼●≽◟) \(́◕///◞౪◟///◕‵)/ ヽ(́◕◞౪◟◕‵)ノ (́=◞౪◟=‵) (*☉౪⊙*) (́^◞౪◟<‵) (´≝◞⊖◟≝`) 乁( ◔ ౪◔)「 \(́≖◞౪◟≖‵)/ (́>◞౪◟<‵)ノシ \(́☜◞౪◟☞`)/ (́。◞౪◟。‵) (́つ◞౪◟⊂‵) (́一◞౪◟一‵) (́A◞౪◟A‵) (V)(́◉◞౪◟◉‵)(envy) (́இ◞౪◟இ‵) (΄ಢ◞౪◟ಢ‵)◉◞౪◟◉) (΄◉◞౪◟◉‵) (́◉◞౪◉*◉◉◞◕౪౪◟◕◉◉Φ◉౪◞◉*‵) (́♛◞౪◟♛‵) (́〠◞౪◟〠‵) (́✿◞౪◟✿‵) (́✖◞౪◟✖‵) (́♋◞౪◟♋‵) (́♕◞౪◟♕‵) (́▣◞౪◟▣‵) (́☸◞౪◟☸‵) (́❂◞౪◟❂‵) (́✺◞౪◟✺‵) (́థ◞..◟థ‵) (́⊙◞౪◟⊙‵) (́✸◞♉◟✸‵) (́۞◞౪◟۞‵) (́✹◞౪◟✹‵) (́☬◞౪◟☬‵) (́☣◞౪◟☣‵) (́❁◞♉◟❁‵) (́✹◞♉◟✹‵) (́✮◞౪◟✮‵) (́☫◞౪◟☫‵) (́✲◞౪◟✲‵) (́ತ◞౪◟ತ‵) (́☀◞౪◟☀‵) (́☢◞౪◟☢‵) (́இ◞౪◟இ‵) (́墨◞౪◟鏡‵) 手伸出來 ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) (ლ ^ิ౪^ิ)ლ ლ(́ಢ.◞౪◟ಢ‵ლ) ლↂ‿‿ↂლ (ლ ^ิ౪^ิ)ლ ◉ื益◉ื ಠ益ಠ (´^ิ益^ิ` ) (◞≼◉ื≽◟;益;◞≼◉ื ≽◟) ☜(:♛ฺ;益;♛ฺ;)☞ (╬⓪益⓪) (╬゚◥益◤゚) ( ╬◣ 益◢)Y (╬ಠิ益ಠิ) (╬ಠ益ಠ)ゴルァ!! 爻((╬ಠิ益ಠิ))イカリズムッ!! 癶(癶;:゜;益;゜;)

(́≖◞౪◟≖‵) ( ́ ◕◞ε◟◕`)

Oh dear, to-do list

_Art trades and requests:
:iconkuri-nii: Progress Bar - Starting by Oceannist (Miku & Rin)
:iconmekiyu: Progress Bar - Sketching by Oceannist (Hijitaka-Gintama)
:iconbloodyblackcat24: Progress Bar - Starting by Oceannist (Ib and Slenderman)
:icondjroguefire: Progress Bar - Starting by Oceannist (Draw him as a healer)
:iconrabbittheking: Progress Bar - Inking (wo) by Oceannist - OC
:iconearth9uake: Progress Bar - Starting by Oceannist (Anything)

Arts for rp groups:



OMG, i'm gonna die with groups :icondoublefacepalmplz:

_Apps (for groups)
:iconorders-of-the-sky: :iconfissare: :iconc-l-o-w:
:icondroidment: :iconnekawaii-academy: :iconm-i-s-o:


_Apps done:
:icono-asis: :iconakigumo-high: :iconillegibilus:

Man~~ I'm greedy!!! :iconmingplz:

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